BalNY Credit - help me decide!


How should I use my Bal NY credit?

  1. Day in Vert Fonce

  2. Day in Café

  3. Twiggy in Cinnamon

  4. Twiggy in Rouille

  5. Wait and see what AW08 has in store!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just sent back the GGH Women's Besace bag...just not feeling the GGH. I'll have a credit with Bal, should I get...

    --Day in Vert Fonce
    --Day in Café
    --Twiggy in Cinnamon
    --Twiggy in Rouille
    --Wait for AW08 selections

    I'm set on RH, and don't currently have either a Twiggy or Day in my collection. If you have other color suggestions, feel free to suggest. I'm more into warmer, earthy colors, not a blue or pink kind of gal.
  2. I voted for wait to see what A/W 08 has in store! But, if you can't wait then my vote is for a Cafe day! ;)
  3. I think f/w 07 leather has been amazing- thick, nicely distressed, soft and smooshy. I also would love a vert fonce bag, and it'd be so amazing in the day. So my vote goes for that one. All your options are making me drool!!
  4. Go for the Day! It's such a wonderful style---if you don't have one yet in your collection, maybe it's time to add one! :p I vote for Cafe because it's one of those colors that goes with everything and it's such a rich, deep brown!!
  5. If you love warmer earthy shades, then those you've listed sound perfect for you. I would even suggest Sahara but that might be a little too light. You may be interested in the F/W shades Tan (Saddle)?
  6. Day in Vert Fonce - that color always seems to have amazing thick chewy leather and it's a nice neutral but still interesting.
  7. if you can wait, there seems like a lot of wonderful things in store with the A/W colors.
  8. I voted Day in Vert Fonce because the color and style are my favorites ;) But the Cinnamon Twiggy is a very close second. F/W 07 *rocked* :rochard:
  9. I voted for the wait to A/W o8 patient....
  10. I vote Vert Fonce Day, Colourwise, I would prefer Cinnamon but I think this colour in a bigger bag.
  11. Vert Fonce Day - I love the earthier colors as well!!