BalNY + Black BBag = Boring ?????

  1. Is it absolutely boring to go to New York, visit BalNY and buy a Black First??

    It seems boring to me but that is all I really want until Fall. Should I push it and buy something FUN!!!?????
  2. No way! Black is classic! Buy what you love :yes:
  3. I don't think so. It was the original bag and it's so classic. if you desire for it then go for it!!
  4. No black is not boring at all, its classic, if thats what you want go for it, but if you want to be more daring:idea: go wild get a red or a green:p
  5. No way! Black bbag is edgy and very cool!! Go for it! :supacool:
  6. No way - black is fabulous and a classic!:yes:Have fun, Jewelqueen!:yahoo:
  7. No way, Black is classic. :yes: I love my Black Day and i use it every day more than any thing else.:yahoo:
  8. no way!

    black is the new...well, black.

    go for it and have a ball! :yahoo:
  9. Def. not!

    And if you go in person you can pick one out with gorgeous, smooshy leather.

    I think my next purchase will be black :yes: Although I'm sure I'll be tempted with all the colors... so who really knows? I hope to have a black first at some point though LOL
  10. Call me the Queen of Boring then. I love the Black First :smile:
  11. of course not :biggrin: black is classic!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. If it's what you want, it's not boring. Boring is other people's judgments counting more than your own. Trust your taste and your heart!
  13. OK...Done! I seriously have to have a PLAN because I will walk out of there with more than I intend if I don't stay focused. I am really bad!!!

    So I'm going to get a First and a City. This way I can stay focused and pick some yummy smooshy leathers instead of trying to add colors to my collection.

    I really don't want any new colors because I want to wait for Fall 07 colors.

    Black it is!
  14. I love the bBag in black. Just think Sienna Miller. Would anyone say she's boring? Of course not.

    But you don't need to travel to NY to get a bBag, you can just call them and place an order. It's free shipping over $500.
  15. Black bbags rock! I love my black day! In fact, I love it so much, I have a back up ready for when I need a new one. Black will never be boring and never go out of style, so enjoy!