BalNY - Available Part-Time colors??

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  1. Hello all! :smile:

    Has anyone spoke with BalNY recently and perhaps know what colors they have available in the part-time style?

    I just called, and they sent me to T's voicemail. I asked if someone else there could just answer the question for me, but since I have worked with T before - I guess due to commissions or whatever, they said all they could do was send me to her voicemail and I could try back when she is in.

    I am impatient, by the way. I want to know what colors they have so I can at least start thinking about it!! ACK!!

    Anyhow... anyone know what PT colors are available?? Sorry for the rant. (Didn't use SAs name, so that this thread didn't become a customer service thread... I'm just interested in seeing if anyone knows what colors they have. Thanks! ;) )
  2. I thought as of last week it was sandstone, black, white and natural??? I could be mistaken though.
  3. No more PT naturels at BalNY nor will they be getting any in. They have completely sold out of that particular color.
  4. even with the RH? At any rate, it must have sold.
  5. Yup, no naturel in any style or hardware.
  6. Maybe I should pose the question this way -

    Does anyone know where I can find a marine or cafe part-time?? :graucho: I think those are the two colors I am leaning towards right now, not knowing what I have to choose from.

    I am going to be seriously bummed if BalNY only has black, white, and sandstone!!! :sad:

    Thanks for the replies ladies!! I'm starting to get really nervous now!!! I wasn't worried about them not having those colors... now I really am!!! :sweatdrop:
  7. :wtf: Oh dear... I have just hit code level panic sitting here thinking about it!!! Darn it!!! I should have got one when it first came out... I didn't even consider marine not being available....

    *panic*panic*panic*.... Crapola. Now I gotta go back to the DMV and sit and wait some more. If I thought I could get wireless there, I would bring the laptop to wait and see if anyone knows anything....
  8. Personally I would call them back and not mention that you've worked with any SA before so you can get some assistance. With Balenciaga, the bag you want could be there today, gone tomorrow!!! All's fair in Balenciaga and war. ;)
  9. Do you want regular hardware or Giant?
  10. Thanks for the input guys!! I think I will do that right now...

    I want RH. Cross your fingers for me...
  11. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I am kicking myself right now... They have marine in everything BUT a part-time.... ARGH!!!!!!!!

    For anyone else's reference: Part-Time is available in White, Sandstone, Vermillion, and Truffle

  12. Have you tried calling various Neiman Marcuses or Nordstrom Sacramento? It seems like you should still be able to find this somewhere...
  13. ^ Not yet... I'm going to have to do some research on which NM carry Balenciaga bags. Are there any other Nordstroms that carry Balenciaga?? Or just the one in Sacramento?

    I'll try calling Nordstrom's right now... If I have to deal with NM, I will - their customer service just kind of rubbed me the wrong way when I first started looking at bbags.. Didn't I read somewhere that a few Saks had Balenciaga bags? *sigh* The search is on.....
  14. I was looking for a Marine Part-Time in early February, and the SA i worked with told me they only ordered 4 of them, and that they wouldn't be getting anymore. I was lucky enough to be there when someone opted not to purchase one of them, but I decided on taking a black PT instead...
  15. I'll just throw out a few NM's I know carry Balenciagas:

    NM Denver, Colorado
    NM Short Hills, NJ
    NM Paramus, NJ
    NM Houston, TX (I think just recently they started carrying Balenciagas)
    NM Bal Harbour, FL (Miami area)
    NM The Village at Merrick Park, Miami FL
    NM San Francisco

    Yes, Nordstrom Sacramento is the only Nordstroms that carries Balenciaga...

    Then there's also Barney's ... try Barney's Beverly Hills & Barney's Chicago

    Good Luck!!!