BalNY, anyone have an SA to rec who....

  1. will communicate with email, rather than phone? I'd like to establish a relationship with someone, have my cc on file and be able to order via email. Is this possible, anyone here have that relationship there?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I recommend Daphne (or even Terry). I suggest to call first vs. email. They all share the same email so if you just email and you haven't worked with any of them before, your email tends to get lost.

    Call first, then purchase, then go from there.
  3. them directly if u are of the same time zone as them.....understand that Daphne is a highly recom SA......good luck~

  4. Thanks again, Dr. ICB....will do, I'll try Daphne first:jammin:
  5. None of them really work that well with email alone, as far as I know....ya gotta call. Even after you've established a relationship. At least, that's been my experience.