Balmain sizing help!


Nov 9, 2012
Hi there! I just need help with Balmain (women's clothing) sizing as I just purchased a Balmain dress from therealreal.
I understand that Balmain follows French number sizing so I bought a sized 40 which is a US8 equivalent.

However the dress runs really really tight especially in the waist part! And I inspected the tag and it says "Made in Italy" so I'm actually wondering if the number size would follow standard French sizing despite the dress being made in Italy. The dress does not appear to be altered (new, complete with tags etc.). It would be expensive to do a return since it is an International purchase.

Anyone can shed light on sizing? I'm thinking maybe Balmain runs really tight or it could have been a sized "40" since it was made in Italy.

Thanks and hope you guys can send me your thoughts :smile:

For reference, this is the dress... I'm guessing it couldn't be older than 2016 - maybe size could have been different then (like Italian vs French)?


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