Balmain beaded clutch-KEEP OR RETURN?!?


Jul 17, 2013
Hi all

So I am a fan of all things Balmain and recently bought the most incredible black mini, long sleeve dress with gold diamante and beaded fringing. This brought two of my loves together - Balmain + fringing. :cloud9:

Therefore, I couldn't resist when I saw this Balmain black suede and beaded detail with fringing clutch with gold hardware. FAINT! However, the issue I'm having is it works if I carry it by the detachable gold handle (which I fear may be a bit clunky with an evening dress), but carrying it without is really awkward as the normal thing to do is grip the underside of the clutch and that's not possible due to the fringing.

I attach stock photos and images of me holding it (the model of course makes it look easy! :P). I would be supremely grateful if you'd provide your honest, brutal thoughts as to whether I should keep or return this clutch. I think we may all agree it looks amazing, but if it's going to be impossible to hold, I probably need to face reality and invest the not insignificant money into another purchase.

Thank you ALL so much in advance for your advice!!! :dothewave:

PS I couldn't find a dedicated Balmain thread, which is why I'm posting a new one, but moderators please move this if I somehow missed something. Thank you. :smile:


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Jul 17, 2013
Love the clutch but the fringe on it looks odd...almost like an afterthought. I really like clean lines so if the fringe went the entire length of the bag, I think I would like it more...

I would keep it if you like carrying it by the handle. I like that it is a bit unique.

I would not carry it like the model does. I'd be afraid I'd drop it. Maybe for a photo only.

I love it. And I think the handle actually looks sleek.

If you're having doubts, try it with more evening outfits and then decide only keep it if you think you'll love it forever.

Thank you so much fashion16, Jesssh, CoachCruiser, and papertiger! :smile:

I so appreciate your really thoughtful and valuable advice. It is a truly gorgeous bag, but I totally agree with you Jesssh, it is impossible to hold like a clutch. I tried - as you can see in the pics - and due to the beading, which makes for a slippery grip, it is only really possible with sort of tucking the fingers under the latch. Very loose holding.

I was then unsure about the handle as it becomes quite a large bag and not a very slight, dainty clutch. Although I agree it is a special, unique looking handle.

I think a bit more experimenting before I can decide on this one. A tough call!

Again, I really cannot thank you enough for your advice!! :tup:

I'm also debating a fringed Louboutin cross body bag and since you were all so fab with your thoughts on this one, I'd also love your ideas regarding that bag too! If you go to my thread: and see post #218 that has the images etc. (I may move to the Loubi bag section if there is one or start a new thread, but it's there fore now.)



Jul 17, 2013
i agree this clutch is unique but I think it can also look awkward if not matched with the right outfit. I think the Louboutin looks more functional and you can use it as a clutch or crossbody.
Thank you soramillay! Finally the deciding factor was when I discovered a dent in the hardware! :nogood: For a bag of this quality and price, for it to be damaged so easily (in transit?), just scared me right off. I still adore its aesthetics, but just don't think I should invest in it as a functional piece...