Bally handbags?

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  1. does anybody like them? they seem to be really popular in Asia
  2. I'm not a fan of their design, it's a little bit to boring for me, but the quality and craftmanship are superb! It's a swiss company with long tradition, their shoes are really popular in germany, switzerland, france and other european countries. . .
  3. I checked them out and passed only because the style of their bag was too similar to my Gucci hobo. That said, I agree about their quality being superb!
  4. Not all styles are great i admit.. but the quality is up there. From leather to stitching to all other details - excellent.
    The Bally Tango messenger bag with its ivory-crimson strap was very popular amongst Japanese students for quite a few years... where else in Asia cantina2001?
  5. I have a Bally and I love it! It's so elegant and understated. I love that I carry it and nobody knows it's designer :smile:
  6. I have a Bally bag and 3 pair of shoes. And i just Love them soooo much. The quality is definately great and the leather is soooo soft.
  7. I had a Bally bag which I recently sold - it was lovely but made from buffalo leather and just too big and heavy for me. It was very well made. I think they need a bit of "spicing up" as I agree with other posters that they are a bit boring.
  8. Bally's handbags don't speak to me. However, their men's range is a whole different story :drool:
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