balls of feet burn while on elliptical?

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  1. was wondering if anyone had this happen to them?

    only when i'm on the elliptical does this happen! My shoes are fairly new, special for working out (gel padding, etc). But when I am on that elliptical for more than 15 minutes, the balls of my feet start burning/hurting!

    any idea why or what this is? :smile:
  2. This happens to me too!!!!! Do you go right to the gym or do you go there after being on your feel all day? Mine only hurt when I go after work, and I think it's because I've been in heels/work shoes all day, so my feet are tired already (I stand/walk around all day). However, when I go on the weekends, they don't burn at all. Maybe your feet are just tired :smile: They don't hurt afterwards, so I've never been concerned about it, although it is annoying when you're trying to focus on your workout and your feet burn!
  3. This happens to me too!

    I've noticed that I was putting too much weight in my toes, so my feet were doing more work than my legs. I started to use more of my leg muscles and put more weight into my heels and it helped.

    I also purchased new athletic shoes. I had always worn nike or new balance but my friend owns a shoe store and I tried on some of their Ecco athletic shoes and I think they are fantastic. They are way more comfortable, they breath, and I haven't had the problem with numbness in my toes since!
  4. This used to happen to me too. I told my foot doctor about it. She suggested that I loosen up the laces on my shoes and look into buying wide width shoes. That helped and problem solved!
  5. This is interesting--I experienced this and didn't know it was so common! I think it happens to me because I zone out and start leaning forward/putting too much weight on my toes. I'll bet my shoes also are too narrow because sometimes it's just my little toes that tingle.
  6. I have wide shoes AND sized up half a size like recommended. I think everyone is right, I lean on my toes quite a bit. Never really had a problem until this year (consequently the year I gained weight!). eeeekkk! Now to correct my elliptical posture! :smile:
  7. ^^I always feel like my butt gets a better work out when I lean backwards anyways! I find myself leaning forward when I get tired. :P
  8. I've had this happen too. Some days its worse and other days I don't get it at all so I'm not sure what the cause is. Sometimes the tops of my feet will itch too.
  9. Never. Maybe you should try to distribute your weight evenly on your foot.