Ballpoint on leather - help

  1. Hi ladies

    I'm hoping someone here will have the miracle solution! I've managed to get a bit of black ballpoint ink on my new to me tan matte Adore Me. Any ideas how to get it out without ruining the leather?

    This bag is in the soft tan matte that BE had for a brief time, it scuffs quite easily. I treated it with Leather Honey and it is now so puddly and soft and a lovely shade (the leather darkened a little which was just what I was after) so I could scream about this pen mark.

    Any advice would be most welcome!
  2. Ouch! I searched on google and the result varied from hairspray to shavingfoam to remove these stains....LOL! Perhaps you could experiment on a swatch?

    I'm so happy the bag is otherwise developing well..must see if I can get hold of Leather Honey!
  3. Bonnie, thanks. Contessa suggested hairspray so I will apply some to a cloth and rub gently. It is a small mark thankfully.

    I got Leather Honey on Amazon. I leave it to stand in a warm place and then apply with a paintbrush. It has breathed new life into my petrol glossy IB which was looking a bit faded and dusty and has done wonders on my matte bags too. It take a little while to get used to working with it, but a little goes a long way.
  4. Thanks! I will try and get hold of this product. I normally use a good lotion, which keeps the true colour of the leather..but I would like the Tan matte just a bit darker too, so I think this Honey will work !

    Good luck with the hairspray..let's know the result!
  5. I successfully got a blue ball point pen mark off a leather chair using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Try that!
  6. I'd use my hands w/ the leather honey. If you heat it up w/ your hands and rub all over your bag. It is easier (imo) to use your hands. I love using leather honey. :smile:
  7. Bonnie - which lotion do you use? I just got my first new BE - a rio in black - and I want to protect it! I am lucky that black won't show a lot, but i"m planning to snag a barcelona soon and I want to know a good way to protect them. Many years ago, back when I was a Coach fan when they really just had classic leathers, they sold a conditioner and a cleanser but I've since run out and doubt they still make the same formula. Many thanks in advance!!
  8. Lori - I tried using my magic eraser but because this is a very soft matte leather, even with gentle rubbing I feel it is doing more damage to the leather than good.

    Stars - I painted the honey on and then did massage it into very dry sections of the leather. A little goes a long way. It felt really therapeutic sitting in my back room treating my bags.
  9. Oh, I use a local Danish brand.It's odorless and great:
  10. I've sprayed hair spray onto a Q-tip and dabbed at an ink,spot that way, and it didn't leave any marks, maybe test it on the inside first to make sure what ever method you use doesn't discolor the leather??
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    I agree with this, however, I've only used it on linings, not the leather and I used a toothbrush. There is a chapstick looking tube that you can use but I cannot recall the name and I don't have any left. You could ask Barbara at Lovin My Bag.
  12. Have you found anything that works?
  13. I've had some great suggestions, now I just need to get out there and do something! Our weather took a turn for the worse, so I've got some darker bags out at the moment and little miss tan matte is sitting in her dustbag at the moment.
  14. I'm hoping you find something helpful as I have a smooshy leather bag that needs similar help. (Remind me to think twice before loaning a bag to my daughter...;))
  15. This is how I apply Leather Honey as well. It makes my hands really soft that is the added bonus when using your hands. Such a wonderful product.