ballpoint INK stain on Balenciaga!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    my balenciaga city (in Nautral) has just been stained with a few strokes from my ballpoint pen (one of those turquoise/blue colored Papermate pens).
    I read a few old threads regarding ink stains but I haven't found a definite way to remove this stain.
    Has anyone had a ballpoint ink stain and was able to successfully remove it?
    any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :smile:
  2. I think Powderpuff is the expert on cleaning/ caring for B-bags. Maybe she has some thoughts.
  3. I've posted this elsewhere before so if you've read it apologies for the repetition.

    I got a permanent marker ink stain (which i think is less likely to shift than a biro stain), on my cream leather couch and tried everything, nothing worked til I found a product online called AMODEX INK AND STAIN REMOVER, and to my mind it was miraculous- stain went away after leaving it on overnight 2 night in row- leather left in perfect condition.

    The box says that it is non toxic and 'removes inks and stains from fabrics, skins and other surfaces.

    I would always do a patch test first, but I tried leather cleaner, surgical spirit, turps, milk, hairspray, and none of them worked, then i got this (I was at the stage of thinking the couch was ruined and unsalvageable), and this worked. I was sooo happy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.