Ballet Slippers that slip off? Shoe Cleavage?

  1. I just bought a great pair of fabric ballet slippers from J. Crew, 2 problems, first they slip off when I walk, any suggestions? Secondly, I have shoe cleavage, is that a no no or OK, I'm really not sure. I do love them though.
  2. At your local drugstore or Wal-mart, sometimes they sell heel liners...Dr. Scholl's makes some, so does foot petals, a many other brands. You stick them to the back of your ballet flats, and they help to keep the ballet flats on your feet due to the friction and grip. Also makes them more comfortable to wear as the shoe doesn't dig into your feet anymore :biggrin:

  3. ^Yes, these work well. Toe cleavage is fine! I like the lower cut flats because they give your legs a longer appearance -- important when wearing flats.
  4. Honeslty...i think toe cleavage is cute! I feel weird when there is no :girlsigh:
  5. I second (third?) the toe cleavage. I feel like when I don't have some it looks dowdy.

    If the heel inserts don't work, the inserts that go in the ball of the foot may help push the foot back too.
  6. In any ballet style shoe I always go done a half a size due to this reason of the shoe slipping off. Now I bought a pair gucci pumps and the sales person told me that toe cleavage is totally in and here to stay.
  7. OMG, I am so happy that someone else has the same problem. Misery loves company! I bought a new pair of ballet flats from London Sole called Henrietta, and the low is cut soo low. I LOVE toe cleavage, and there is plenty of it with these shoes. There is hardly any shoe around my foot.

    I bought heel pads at Nordstrom, but they seemed to make only a marginal improvement. I called London Sole in San Fran and asked what to do. They suggested placing an insole inside. I am not sure what that would possibly do, but I am willing to give it a try since the shoes are so darn cute!
  8. Thank you so much for such good advice on my slippage problem. Also, I'm so pleased to hear that "toe cleavage" is not only good but prerferred. These are my first pair of ballet slippers. Thanks again.
  9. just get some inserts (it will fillup the shoe and make it much more comfy for you) and toe cleavage is SEXY!! rock it!!!