BALLET SLIPPERS: Sue London vs. London Sole vs. Nine West

  1. Hello all. I'm new here, so I hope this goes through.

    I hoping someone here has experience with these three very similar shoe styles:

    1. Sue London "London Slipper" ($120)
    2. London (French) Sole "Travel Slipper" ($70)
    3. Nine West "LuvMyFlats" ($50)

    These all appear to be the same design. They're soft, split sole ballet slippers with some kind of rubber stitched to the soles to make them more durable. All three come packaged in a drawstring bag. Most likely, London Sole and Nine West copied the Sue London design.

    I'm trying to decide which of these three to buy. If anyone here has tried one or more of these styles, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm most interested in construction quality and fit. Since they appear to be identical (at least on the web sites), are the London Sole or Sue London designs worth the extra money? Unfortunately, only the Nine West style is available locally, so I'd have to order the others on the web, sight unseen.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Get the Nine West... they're basically the same. I've tried on the Sue London and Nine West...

    didn't find any major differences... it even comes with the little bag
  3. I love Nine West shoes. I find them to be very comfortable, well made, and affordable.
  4. Thanks Luna! If the Nine West are just as good for less than half the price, then that's great news.

    Did you find the Nine West's fit true to size? Lots of reviews on Zappo's say they run small, and they can be uncomfortable.

  5. Yes... They are true to size. ;)
  6. I didn't have much luck with the Nine West LuvMyFlats. Although I thought they were totally adorable and I love the split toe, they have several flaws.

    The biggest problem is that they showed the outline of my toes, especially my big toe. I like the toe area of my ballet flats to have a bit more structure. They fit more like a sock than a shoe. Secondly, . Made me sad. The elastic in the back dug into my heel. Lastly, the toe scuffed up too easily.

    I bought two pairs, and after wearing one pair just once I returned them. I'm sticking to my London Soles. (I will admit that Nine West has an adorable pair available only through their stores or online called "Poof").

  7. Shoeangel, have you tried the London Sole "Travel Slipper" (which is exactly like the Luvmyflats), or just their other designs? If you tried the Travel Slipper, how does it compare to the Nine West?

  8. I didn't like how thin the Nine West leather was either- you could see the toes too clearly - it looked cheap to me. Also they don't have any good support so I don't think they'd be comfortable. I ended up buying a pair of Prada sport shoes in a similar style, better leather, better cushioning. I haven't tried those other two brands thouh.
  9. Exactly why I did NOT buy the nine west. I keep my toenails really short..and you could STILL see them through the shoes...totally unflattering. I'll stick with stiffer ballet flats.

  10. Do you think the problem with toes showing through the front may be because the style runs small? Perhaps if I went up a size, I wouldn't have that problem?

  11. Nope...I usually wear a 9...I tried the 10s thinking that might be the case...the shoes then looked too big for my feet and my toenails were STILL showing. And seriously...I keep my nails VERY short.
  12. Thanks Shelbell. I actually wear a 9 myself, and I was wondering if I might have to go up to a 10. It sounds like I definitely have to try these on before I decide to buy.

  13. Got my Nine West Luvmyflats today! I just went ahead and ordered both sizes (9 and 10). Turns out the 9 (my usual size) is a near perfect fit. The 10 is far too big. So far, I love them. The leather is soft, but nowhere near as soft as I was led to believe. On Zappos, some people reported that after a few weeks, their big toe actually tore through the front of the shoes. I honestly don't see that happening, but only time will tell.

    The outline of my toes is just barely visible through the soft leather. I know some people don't like that look, but it's exactly the look I wanted. They are very much like real split-sole ballet slippers, but with thick rubber sewn to the sole instead of soft suede.

    The elastic around the top does pinch a little bit at the ankle, but I think they'll loosen up after a day or two.

    Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'm so glad I found this forum!
  14. Sue London has been around for years. The nine west and London sole have been out for less than a year. Who copied who...I mean, there has to be a good reason that Sue London's are mostly sold out in every boutique that sells them....urgh!!

  15. I hear what you're saying, Twilight. It's obvious that both London Sole and Nine West ripped off the design from Sue London.

    However, according to a post above, they're all basically the same thing. So the Nine West looks very appealing at $50, compared to the Sue London at $120.

    Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to try the Sue London's for myself. They clearly come in much better colors. I e-mailed Sue London to ask where I could buy them in my area. They sent back a one line reply stating that they had no retailers in my city, which is not what I asked. I'm less than an hour from Boston, and less than two hours from Hartford. I can't believe no one stocks them in the area. I sent a follow-up message, emphasizing that I'm looking for the nearest store. I never even received a response. If that's their idea of customer service, I'm not about to buy from them mail order, then deal with the hassle of seding them back if they don't fit.

    If they're really sold out everywhere, then maybe they just don't care.