Ballet Russe Collection

  1. i saw the short article in American Vogue about the new Hermes collection of china called "Ballet Russe" and would like to know if anyone's seen it in person yet and has any information about it. i would love to know if they plan to release tea sets and maybe a scarf in this pattern.:love:
  2. no not yet but that sounds delish! can't wait to see it.
  3. Wow, the china pattern sounds very promising, especially if it's based off of Annie Faivre's Ballet Russe design from 1996. Here's a photo from precious colors:
  4. ^^ i knew i had read about Hermes having a scarf in this pattern already somewhere!
    actually, the china pattern looks nothing like the scarf, orchids. it's based on birds. if i weren't so lazy i would scan the article. :smile: ok, maybe i'll stop being lazy.
  5. This is the picture that was in le Monde. I prefer the china pattern to the scraves, I think.

  6. it's absolutely gorgeous isn't it? :girlsigh:
  7. Ohh wow
    I love the scarf
    and the porcelaine
  8. Me Too!
  9. Saw the article...gorgeous pattern...
  10. Did somebody say a new pattern in H china??? I'm all over that!!
  11. I definitely prefer the china pattern to the scarf. The ballet dancers look a bit like clowns, which freak me out :p
  12. Looks like it was patterned after the "Alphabet Russe" scarf.
  13. what is this pattern called??
  14. That's Ballet Russe
  15. :girlsigh: That china is gorgeous!