Ballet high heels, Adult only please!

  1. ~ Bulletproof Cupid ~

    Does anyone have a pair of these? I actually find them kind of beautiful!
  2. Those are probably one of the most interesting shoes I've ever seen. I've been in ballet and I don't even think I could walk in those...
  3. i love those!
    makes me want to dig out my toe shoes...
  4. I love toe shoes, but have never had a pair. Do you actually wear yours?
  5. i did when i was dancing...
  6. Do you think the ballets heels would be wearable?
  7. I guess if you remained seated at all times while wearing them....
  8. i actually think they'd be fairly wearable once you got used to long as you have strong ankles.
  9. Pointe shoes, to me, seem a very different thing. Not in the look, perhaps, but in the structure of the shoe. I can function in pointe shoes (though I'm well out of practice), but I think I'd kill myself in these. There appears to be no padding, no box in the toe, and the toes would actually contact the ground instead of being protected. Ouch!
  10. I would disagree. Pointe shoes are designed to protect the toe and support the foot. These, well... aren't.
  11. Same here. :lol: :upsidedown:
  12. I was reading you are supposed to put lambs wool in the toes
  13. Lamb's wool in the toes would be better, but the toes on most of those shoes are U-shaped and provide no support for the toes at all. A V-shape would actually be somewhat better, as there would be a section of shoe between the toes and the floor and more support up the sides.

    But if you get them, I'd be fascinated to know how they fit and feel. And if you could walk the next day!
  14. I am def thinking about getting them! How would you stand on a "V" shape? Can you explain?
  15. The U-shape more or less leaves you on the tips of your toes taking the full brunt of your weight. A V-shape would more evenly distribute the weight up the toes and would provide a small cushion of shoe (the part of the V that would be too small for your toes to fit in) between your toes and the floor.

    Pointe shoes have layered platforms in the toes and strengthened shanks to provide support. There is padding for the toes. While dancing on pointe can definitely be painful and lead to bleeding toes and nails falling off (bad memories!) when done for extended periods, think of the pain and damage that could be done without all the safeguards that are built into pointe shoes.

    And it goes without saying that to wear these shoes, it is safest if a person is more underweight than ideal weight, is athletic (strength in the ankle and foot) and has some experience with pointe shoes.

    Post pics if you get them! Where would you wear them... or shouldn't I ask?!