Ballet Folded Flats still available instore?

  1. Hi Does anyone know if this ballet flats are still out at the moment? Where can I find it? Can I find it from Saks?
  2. there were a pair of these (but in the black body with white toe) at the new bloomingdales in south coast plaza, costa mesa, a few days ago. sizes are limited though. i think they only had a 38 left, but it's worth a try!
  3. I saw those couple of weeks ago at Seattle Nordstrom.(I bought the pumps in that design) Maybe they can do a search for you. ;)
  4. oh i love those, esp. in the pink w/ blk toe.
  5. Charlotte NM has the black/black. Call Romeo he is the BEST! 704-442-7900 tell him Melissa sent you!
  6. Very cute - what is the cost on those?
  7. The pumps were $640 and I *believe the flats were $595.:yes:
  8. Holycow, thanks for the info.:smile:
  9. I was at holt's vancouver yesterday and they were 550 canadian
  10. The flats (exact one from the pic) are $510, I saw a pair in size 6.5 at Seattle Nordstrom today. :tup:
  11. also, the beige/black flats were at the chanel boutique in beverly hills. they also had the pumps version but in black-on-black.
  12. NM at Fashion Island just got a shipment in on Navy Patent w/ white tips! Mike the SA said they are going quick....they had lots of sizes!