Ballet Flats!

  1. well, happy valentine's day to me!
    i got my first chanel ballet flats this afternoon via fedex.
    last month my parents went to the Wynn Las Vegas in search of the black/whites, and were put on the waiting list.
    And i got them today!
    Tem was the SA who helped my parents (number is 702.765.5055) if anyone is interested in the shoes, they should have some in stock now!!:yes:

    DSCF3605 copy.jpg
  2. Congrats! Very pretty! What was the price?
  3. thanks! i can't stop smiling.
    they were 530$
  4. oooh!! Those are the shoes I'm lusting over. Congrats!
  5. i love the bottom !!! Pink with CHANEL printed !!!! Congratulations !
    How much is it btw ?
  6. They look so cute on your feet, congratulations!
  7. i want some ! youre so lucky !
  8. Sooooo cute! Is it leather? What about the sole?
  9. They look so cute on you! Congrats! :yahoo:
  10. i'm guessing they are made out of whatever the cambon material is, i dont really know. hah.
    the soles are SO comfortable. these are the first 'ballet' style shoes that are soft and dont scrap the back of my heel.
  11. The sole is made of some sort of plastic.
  12. so pretty!! :love:
  13. material is calfskin, like the cambon bags.
  14. I love these! I have a pair and they're really comfortable!
  15. The Chicago Boutique had these yesterday!

    I didn't try them on tho b/c it was FREEZING and I didn't want to take my boots off :p

    The phone number is 312-787-5500 ask for Pamela she is sooooo nice!