Ballet Flats

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I really hope somone can give my some advice I'm currently looking for some everday ballet flats to go with jeans/work skirts etc. I love the Chanel quilted ones but as I live in rainy Oxford, England I was wondering how they would hold up? I would hate to trash them in a year. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
  2. I don't have them, but here's a BUMP
  3. You may want to try a patent pair because they seem to hold up better in rain. I spray all of mine with leather protector, including the bottoms of the shoes. I let each coat dry and give it several coats. Spraying the bottom (which is usually leather and a bit soft) helps prevent everything from soaking up through the sole. I even spray my patent shoes, not just the lambskin ones. Using the spray on patent sometimes creates a white film at first, but I rub it around and it soaks into the patent. I usually use Apple Care spray.
  4. Thanks for the tip Chi town Chanel! I never thought of spraying the bottoms of my shows and sometimes I trash one pair in a month in our lovely SF weather! I'm going to try that with my next pair :smile:.
  5. Sorry, this is late, but be careful with the patent Chanel flats! I found they run almost a size smaller than what I normally wear! I bought on ebay, so I had to stretch mine out since there were no returns :sad: