Ballet flats

  1. Style number of these shoes are what exactly?
  2. I wish I could help, I do not know. I just wanted to say that I tried on the sandal high-heel version of these and they were HOT! :heart:
  3. HOT ... HOT ... HOOOOOOOT :nuts::heart::heart:
  4. The high heel version are gorgeous but these are just so incredibly sssexy...Chaneloholics where are you? I need to find them ASAP..Im going insane this month!
  5. So FAB!!
  6. Have you tried calling the Chanel 800 number and descibing them? They are pretty darn helpful and if they are unable to assist you with they will forward you to a boutique for further assistance:yes:
  7. they are not helpful with me unfortunately. :sad:
  8. i saw these in black on black -- i'll find out tomorrow from my SA and let you know !
  9. God bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxx
  10. Uh, I think I just saw these but can't remember, I was looking at the new patent leather ones.....super cute.
  11. they really are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. do you know how much they are? i want to buy some chanel flats but am unsure of their price, Thanks!
  13. I think they are called the Satin Ballet Flat. I saw them somewhere, but can't remember exactly where. Retail price is about $800+, if I remembered it right.
  14. So :cutesy:!!!
  15. so cute. I love them