Ballet Flats

  1. Need cute ballet flats for the fall. Any ideas where to shop?
  2. I recently got some at gap on sale for 18 dollars. They werent the most comfortable ones but for 18 dollars they were worth it. I really like the reva flats and have heard good things about them. They are from Tory Burch and you can get them at Nordstroms and shop bop.
  3. London Sole makes the cutest ones. They were on sale at Shopbop a while ago...I'm not sure if there are any left though. But you can go to and order them/locate stores.
  4. has a comprehensive selection of Repettos.
  5. anthropologie has some new ones. i think french and/or london sole designed them
  6. While I shop for many of my clothes at american eagle, I had never bought shoes there until last week. I bought a pair of their polka dot ballet flats and really put them through their paces... wore them for a flight, walked half a mile in them, then took them to a beach community. I loved them so much I went back for two more pairs! They are on clearance for $14 right now- and set to get new styles soon.

    note: I like really lightweight, thin shoes that feel like you aren't wearing anything at all. If you're looking for something sturdy, these arent a good bet.
  7. I have about 4 pairs from M and S to french sole, wearing some now, so comfy!
  8. Another vote for french/london sole, i love them!
  9. Another London Sole fan. They are cute and comfy!
  10. I got 4 really cute pairs from gap this weekend for $10.99 each. I also have two really cute ballet flats from Dior $395 each.
  11. I am also a fan of London Sole!

    I also like Coach flats but they aren't as comfy as London Sole. I also have a few pairs of Louboutin flats (they are more like flat open-toed sandles) and Chanel flats.
  12. I love ballet flats, got a few pairs in different colours: red, stripes, gold, black.

    You can buy them everywhere, but make sure that the inside is leather to avoid sweaty feet.
  13. i really love the marsalas from j.crew. they're soft and SO comfortable which is more than i can say for most other ballet flats. definitely worth investing in and best of all theyre on sale right now!

    If you want something classic though, of course you can't go wrong with the tory burch Reva's


  14. How much were you looking to spend? That could help us suggest cute, comfortable ones in the right price range.

    I don't own too many ballet flats, but I do own a couple pairs of Tory Burch Revas (black with gold & white with silver) and also the TB Jackie Flats. They are all really comfortable and a nice break from heels.

    I also agree with the previous replies of investing in the London Sole ones as well. They have so many different options available.

    Good luck! :smile:
  15. My feet are picky and I've found the brand Me Too to be the most comfortable flats ever. The are sold at Nordstroms. I LOVED mine so much I bought 2 pairs in the same thing just in case!