Ballet Flats & Me at 5'5'' What do you think?

  1. It is finally warm enough in central NY to think about cute spring/summer shoes. Excuse me for my lack of ballet flat knowledge, but I have been reading so much about cute flats and I think I am in love. Is it alright for me at 5'5'' to wear flats? All of the shoes I own so far have at least a 1'' heal on them (I guess I like to feel a little taller than I am :shame: ). Any input would be fantastic!! I am thinking of a pair of flats in a bold color to pair with jeans and skirts!!
  2. Go for it! You don't have to be tall to wear ballet flats. Think of Audrey Hepburn - she wasn't tall and she looked great in flats, they were practically her signature!
  3. I'm 5'-2" and wear them everywhere!! Go for it :smile:
  4. Of course! Ms. Hepburn!! Thank you :P that makes all the sense in the world!! Now the fun part! Shopping!!
  5. You're gonna look cute with flats! GO for it!
  6. sure you can!!!!!they look good and girly with every kind of outfit!go for it!!!:nuts:
  7. I don't think 5'5" is short at all. Like has been said before - go with what you're comfy in and it'll all fall together perfectly.
  8. i'm 5'3 and wear anything from flats to 4" heels. go for it!
  9. You are so kind!! Thank you!

    You ladies are so awsome!! I can't wait to snag a pair! I'm sure they will be great for many occasions! Hmm, I'm wondering.. is it appropriate to wear them to work?? :huh: Does anyone here wear their flats to work? My office is business casual and I bet I just might be able to get away with it!
  10. Definitely go for it and I think they're very appropriate for work as long as they're not too footie or slipperish. Comfy too!
  11. I am also 5'5 and I wear nothing but flats. I used to wear 4" stiletto though.
  12. I work at a law firm and the dress is business casual. I wear my flats all the time (they are plain with a small, thin bow in the front). In fact, I am wearing them right now and I love them. I think they're practical, comfy and stylish. Can't beat that!

    PS. I'm only 5'1 and I don't care!!! :smile:
  13. I wear them at my job, also a legal job, also business casual, but not often. Usually I wear pointy toed flats. And I only wear them with pants.
  14. I am 5'5" and ALWAYS wear flats.
    My boyfriend is 6'2" and I even feel TOO tall when I wear heels. Plus, they are SOOOO uncomfortable.
  15. I love flats...I a 5ft.

    My favourite are LANVINS.