Ballet flats - heels & soles

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  1. Just interested to know what the general consensus is re getting a cobbler to put half soles & heels on your new ballet flats. I've just bought two more pairs and am considering getting this done for the first time, I've never bothered in the past with my other pairs and often wondered if I should have. Do you feel it is worthwhile? Does it prolong the life of them much? Anyone have a picture to let me see if it is noticeable when wearing them?
    The ones I've just purchased both have the brown wood effect heels and light leather soles if that makes any difference.

  2. I've read threads on this subject in the past and I think most posters were against getting the ballerina flats re-soled. I've done it to both of my flats because I find them to slippery to walk in without the rubber soles. I do agree that it takes away from the look a little but since it's on the bottom of the shoe that makes it more acceptable to me since most people won't even see it.

    I actually haven't worn either of them yet so unfortunately I can't speak to whether it extends the life of the shoe.
  3. I always get my cobbler to add a sole on all my Chanel ballet flats before they are ever worn. I also did it on my 2014 Chanel espadrilles too. No matter the designer, I have all my shoes soled before they are worn. I find the additional sole makes the shoe less slippery and more importantly, adds to the life of the shoe. In my opinion, it is a very wise investment.
  4. I have done the half soles on my Chanel flats, heels, slings and wedges. In my experience some of the leather soles wear out fairly quickly so in order not to wear into the leather part of the shoe itself, I have had them resoled, half or full, depending on the style of the shoe. For flats I have also had rubber taps added to them as well. I do the same with CLs.
  5. Agreed to resole. It will make it less slippery.
  6. I have two pairs of ballet flats. A very old pair and a pair bought last year. I didn't for some reason have topi soles applied on the first pair as they are gold evening shoes but did on the recent black/brown pair.

    The newer soled pair grip the floor better and just feel all round more robust.

    It's like two entirely different shoes. If you want a slipper feel leave your shoes unsoled, if you prefer a firmer grip and want them to last longer put in the soles.

    I always get my shoes soled before wearing, always have just as my dad did to my shoes when I was little.

    Ask your local Chanel who they recommend.