Ballerina Flats

  1. Does anyone have suggestions for cute/stylish ballerina flats that are around $200 and under? ....
  2. london sole and french sole make tons of ballet flats in a bunch of cute colors and patterns, about $140-$160 each
  3. Thanks! (Do you mean the Sue London flat)?
    Where can I find these London and French soles?
    as the great amanda said:P
    i wear frenchsole beacuse i but yhtem in the london shop (as far as i know, londonsole are the usa branch of frenchsole), and a couple of times i had them shipped to rome and the shipping service is safe and fast. regarding french sole, you have to be careful with the size as the 'size guide' in the site suggests. i normally wear a 35.5 and for these shoes i wear the 37.
    i love them, they are the true ballerinas!:love:
  5. Thanks Divina - that's a great website. I ordered a pair of black ones, can't wait to get them.
  6. You can also get them from Repetto which has a great selection of ballerina flats.
  7. Delman also makes a lot of ballerina flats. They'll go for under $200 on sale--try Bluefly etc.
  8. this is my thread!!!!!!!!!!
    french sole sre soooo soft and comfy and there are lots of different styles!delmans are cool too!!!i found french sole cheaper than london sole and i can't understand why since the styles look alike(it seems to me, since i only own french sole)!!!!?????
    do you guys know why?????
  9. french soles are for the european market, whilst london sole are for the american market as far as i can understand. i had never heard about london sole before reading some posts on internet, i knew only french sole (they are even nominated in the january issue of vogue uk). but they are from the same company; obviously for us in italy french sole is cheaper and more convenient.

    cal, i hope you will enjoy your ballerinas!:love:
  10. Crap, I ordered a 41, hope they're not too small. Anyway, they're on their way! I've been looking for a ballet flat for a while now, hopefully they'll fit, if not I'll exchange them. Thanks again Divina!
  11. Cal unfortunately they don't accept changes, as stated in the site! but, you can sell them on ebay if they don't fit!:idea:
  12. Yeah they do, maybe it's a new thing:

    Returns Policy
    If you wish to return any items purchased online at, please follow the following steps:

    1. If you wish to return an item, you must notify your intention to return it, in writing, within 7 working days from the date you received your goods. The item(s) must then be returned within 14 days of invoice date.
    2. All items must be returned in unused (re-saleable) condition.
    3. The customer is responsible for the postage costs incurred when returning an item. Goods must be returned with proof of purchase by registered post only. We cannot be held responsible for any item returned to us in any other way.
    4. Any item purchased via telephone, mail order or internet, must be returned directly to:

    French Sole Limited
    Mail Order Department
    Unit B, Lambs Farm Business Park
    Basingstoke Road
    RG7 1PQ

    Return of Faulty, Incorrect or Sub-Standard Products
    Please follow the same procedures as above. However, if the products you return are faulty, incorrect or damaged in transit, we will refund you the cost of the return postage, as well as the goods and your original postage and packing charge providing there is no evidence of the goods being damaged after delivery.

    Return of Items in order to exchange
    By returning shoes for an exchange you have agreed to have the credit card that was used for the original order debited/refunded by the difference of the original item and an additional shipping charge.
  13. Ohhh I want some!! I wanted an expensive pair but I'd rather buy 2 affordable pairs!
  14. oh my god cal and all the others i am so sorry:cry:
    the fact is that having tried them in real life in the shop, when i order them in rome i already know which is my correct size so i didn't bother to watch well :sad:
    sorry again!

    megs, i am a manolo and choo addict BUT the french sole ballerinas are the TRUE ballerinas!! and they are even affordable! so i'd say pick up 2 frenchsoles (or londonsoles) ;)
  15. Divina, no need to apologise! Hopefully returning is something I won't need to do. Where do you order them from? They don't have a stockist here in my area.