ballerina flats in Canada?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the Chanel forum because I had a traumatizing experience last year with a stolen wallet that I was in love with! Anyway, my bday is coming up and I am in love with the ballerina flats. I prefer Cambon but I don't know what's in stores now. I just want something comfy that I can walk outside in. I live in Vancouver, Canada and haven't been to Chanel in over a year! Does anyone know if they carry shoes in the boutique or the new Holt's boutique? Do I have any chance of getting these? TIA!
  2. Probably. They have so much in the Vancouver store because it's new and they want to make a splashy first impression. That's what my SA told me. :yes:

    What was your "traumatizing experience last year with a stolen wallet?" I'm curious!
  3. maybe if they have your size
    you might score!
  4. they had em when i went a few weeks back
  5. Oh hee hee, my bf got me this gorgeous cream-coloured Chanel wallet for my bday last year. He took me to the boutique and let me pick it out and everything. Two months later, it was stolen by a crackhead! I was stupid and left my purse unattended for about 10 minutes in a closet while I was helping out at a soup-kitchen type place.
  6. ^^ That's terrible! You were volunteering your time and you lost your wallet as payment. I'm sorry! :tdown:
  7. Well, I'm glad to hear that I might still be able to find them! Do they tend to fit small? That's what I heard from reading this forum.