Ballerina Flats - How does this style work?

  1. I just bought a pair of black quilted ballerina flats from Aldo online (the only way I could obtain a size 5, lol) - and I'm wondering how this style works. I've never work flats or ballerina flats. My main purpose in buying them is for student teaching - because running all around a middle school in heels can be taxing on the feet! So how do they work? What do you wear them with? And what kind do you have? Post pics of yours - or pics of ones you like! I think they're adorable - I just hope I think they're adorable (and comfortable - I've heard of blisters and the such :push:smile: on me lol
  2. I have never owned a pair of flats in my life, so I cannot answer your question. I'm curious too how many things you can wear them with. I'm sure you will get a lot of responses from the ladies here. I've seen some really pretty flats but never bought a pair because I'm petite and think I can't pull it off. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Hey you
    Practically all I wear are ballet flats. I am 5'5 and don't like to be taller most of the time.
    I wear them with skinny jeans. It looks really good. Most of my jeans are skinny jeans, and I find that really only heels and ballet flats look good with them. I only own one pair of tennis shoes, and they are for the gym haha.
  4. oh yeah and micha barton wears ballet flats alot. Look for pictures of her to get ideas.
  5. I prefer these shoes too as I dont like to be tall (only 5" 2'! XD)

    I wear them with jeans also :smile:
  6. I am 5''3 and I live in flats - especially ballet ones - those with skinny jeans and skirts. no pics sorry, but a ballet flat is super versatile. enjoy and congrats and yes, most of them are just sooo comfy.
  7. I bought a pair of the Tory Burch Reva flats in gold. My first ballet flats purchase. I wear them with dark denim, usually my COH super dark trouser style jeans - no skinny jeans, as I was not built for that style of denim :p They also look super cute with skirts and capris.
  8. I own two pairs of flats. I wear them w/ mini (short) skirts, jeans. They also look great w/ skinny jeans but I don't like wearing skinny jeans. Also try w/ Capri pants.
  9. I absolutely can not live without ballerina flats and driving shoes. I love them both equally and wear both often. I'm 5'5 and wear them with jeans---they look cute with all jeans especially the skinny ones now or straight legged. They also look great with cropped pants. They also look very lady like with cute dresses--especially shirt dresses I think.
    I certainly couldn't travel without them...they are so comfortable when running through the airport or after my 4 year old
  10. Ahh reading through now - I'm glad to see petite girls like flats! I'm also only 5'2
  11. When the flats first became popular, I wasn't too crazy about them. But, after I purchased my first pair I fell in love. I usually wear my flats with a pair of jeans. While at a conference, I paired them with a skirt and felt that the outfit worked well.
  12. Those are super cute...the only thing that I can think of that wouldn't go with a pair of ballet flats is a floor length skirt. I wear them with jeans, short skirts etc. Tell us if your flats are comfy!
  13. I love ballet flats in the summer. You can wear them with skirts(I go with usually knee length or longer), capris, jeans that are more tapered at the end, form-fitting khakis, etc. . .
  14. I love love love ballet flats-and i'm fairly tall (5'9") so it also works well for me. I must have more than 10 pairs and i wear them with pants, capris, and skirts