Ballerina Comfort Report (Warning! Enabler Post)

  1. I wore my poudre ballerinas to work today teamed with brown large campana (the shoes have brown leather around the edges and a brown tiny bow).

    A few of you have asked me how comfortable they are and the answer is VERY. The woven leather of the shoes is not as soft as the bags and that's a plus to maintain the shape. I love them and they are worth the splurge. I tried them on with my jean skirt last night and it looks soooo cute (need to do something about my white legs though, pls do let me know if you know of a good self-tan that doesn't streak or stink). So I would totally recommend them. I will check out the coin purse flats at lunch time.
  2. Thanks, ebruo. I really need to get down to the boutique to try out those ballerinas. Let me know what you think of the coin purse ones.
  3. Ebruo...I knew you didn't need to post that to let us know. BV shoes are lucious...if you can say that about shoes! I need to keep my distance from those, but they are killing me!!!!!

    Enjoy them to the fullest.
  4. I did go to the Bond St store at lunch time, which is v.close to my office. Sloane St had only one size left in the coin purse flats (very small) and Bond St was never sent that model due to head office error. They may get their allocation and if they do, they will call me.

    As you know, I am due to pick up my limo chain bag next Friday and pictures will most certainly follow. I decided to delay the purchase of the limo wallet and ebano coin purse with the ebano make-up bag to next month. The reason is an antique gold sloane, which was received today will be mine in 8 days as well!

    The 3 small accessories amount to almost half the cost of the sloane bag and I can always get the smaller items later on.
  5. THAT I must see. Does the antique gold has pinkish undertones? 2 fantastic BV bags in a month, I won't be able to resist too. Congrats! Can't wait for the pics. :yahoo:
  6. Yes, it does have pinkish undertones and the colour gives the impression that it changes as you move. It is probably the most beautiful gold I've ever seen. Not cheap looking, not in-your-face and can be used spring to autumn. My only concern is that after these two purchases, I will have owned 4 wowen bags plus a woven butterfly clutch. They all have a different place in my heart though.
  7. Thanks for the info! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for letting us know. I can only image how soft and buttery they must feel on your feet. Has anyone noticed and complimented how gorgeous they are?
  9. Glad to know the shoes are comfortable. I can't wait to see that antique gold sounds gorgeous!
  10. :nuts:

    ebruo!! ANOTHER bag?? But I know which one you're talking about, cos I've seen it at the store, and it's AMAZING!!! I really like that it's not gold, gold, but with the pinkish undertones :love:

    You def deserve all the BV love you've been getting of late :yes:

    And good job on being an enbaler! Betcha ms piggy is going nuts with thoughts of 'em super comfy ballerina flats :graucho:
  11. If I am not mistaken, there is a picture of a antique gold clutch/comestic case on the BV site (under online shopping/women's accessories).

    Ebruo, that is indeed a beautiful gold. Have heard so much about it but have yet to see it IRL. Love the idea of the pink undertones (you know me and pink). Keeping my fingers crossed Singapore boutique has/will have some.
  12. :upsidedown:

    Shoes with my sizes are already waiting for me to pop by this weekend. :lol:
  13. ohh :smile: Do you have pics? and how much were the ballet flats? I've been looking for a comfy pair!
  14. I'd love to have some BV ballerinas but my store just has the bags.
    I'd recommend the "Bebe holidayskin" which is a bodylotion that slowly tans your body and it's perfect as it doesn't smell and streak. It's pretty cheap and available in a normal supermarket.
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!!

    I think I'm gonna drop by the store later after work just to touch and feel up their bags :p

    P/s We should have modelling pics of BV shoes!!