Ball bag at Bluefly

  1. Do we think it's authentic?
  2. I sent an email to the personal shopper at asking about bluefly and haven't gotten an answer yet. But some PFers have ordered BV bags from there and will tell us if they're the real deal!
  3. Gah, too excited and double posted.
  4. WOO HOO!!! Using the additional 15% discount code, got a Ball Bag for $1279!!!!

    Belen, thanks so much for posting this. I've been wanting one of these for over a year, but couldn't bring myself to pay retail.
  5. Yay for you!!! :yahoo:
  6. I'm really excited! I kept going to the BV store at South Coast Plaza and ogling the Ball bags, and I like this dark brown color the best (goes with everything!). I'd posted in the Handbags section that I was looking for a perfect travel bag, and I just might have found it!
  7. Good deal pseub- I ordered one too. I returned one recently from Saks because I felt guilty about the price and now with the discount I feel much better.

  8. Pseub, I'm very happy for you! I was thinking of getting a ball bag for awhile but changed my mind after Marly posted her Campana. The ball bag is gorgeous but I think it would be too big for me. The smaller Campana on the other hand is just the perfect size for my frame. I took the plunge and ordered one at the BV website and finally got it today! I'm very excited.Will post pics later.
  9. I went to the Bluefly site and it says this item in not available. Did I miss out?????????
  10. Blue fly sells sooooooo many fake bags. People buy them - keep the authentic ones - and return fakes.
    Bluefly doesn't know any better - so they just re-package them and sell them.

    Sure the photo might be real - but what are you going to get in the mail???

    Plus bluefly is AWFUL about returns based on "authenticity"! When some pf'ers tried to return obviously fake bags, bluefly was really stubborn about giving them their money back.

    I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!
  11. Well, I jumped on it a bit earlier, but if it's fake I'll just return it and say "changed my mind" rather than try to dispute authenticity.
  12. Maybe they didn't have many and they sold out quickly. So sorry! I hate when that happens.
  13. I bought a small Veneta from Bluefly and it was indeed real. Several months later, I did talk with Ana, the personal shopper for BV, and she said they are not aware where Bluefly is getting their Bottegas from:s She said that the sources they use are not familiar with Bluefly and that they are investigating into the matter. This was several months back, so if there is any current info., I'd love to know!
  14. whoops, never mind...answered my own question :smile:

    i will say that i ducked into this forum for just a moment & have now been here for an hour and have the BV website and open at the same time...LOL! you ladies are a bad influence :smile: