Jan 10, 2006
I'm not sure if I know how to make this work... But here's a shot. Few photos of my new ball bag:

My only beef is that there is a pen mark that's about an long on it.... This is the ONLY new ball bag I could track down in orange. Do you think the pen mark isn't that big a deal? It's not a heavy, dark mark.... I do love the contrasting blue interior...

The photos seem to make the purse seem like it's a much brighter orange than it really is. I'm not TOTALLY in love yet--but I think I need to see this purse in daylight. It arrived tonight and it's too dark outside for a real evaluation. What do you guys think?
Darn! I uploaded photos on to my yahoo photo albumn but it won't seem to link into here.... Does anyone have an answer?

Never mind--I seemed to have found a way to get the links to at least work! If you look on the 3rd photo--tell me if you can see the pen mark that's on the left "panel" towards the center seam....
lol - Swankymama :P

You can email Vlad your pics; but, about that pen mark - you bought it from a dept store with a pen mark?

You can always try the old "hairspray" trick. It works on clothes.
That's gorgeous !

And if you paid for a new bag.. I'd really ask for a new bag, anything short of perfection would just eat away at me forever !
I ordered it throught Apparently this is the LAST ball bag in orange available either through the website or in store. BV no longer has them. Nordstrom doesn't have them either....

So I have to decide--pen mark purse or no purse at all! I didn't notice the pen mark until I was looking at it closely....