Bali H-oliday Sightings!

  1. Hi there tpf ladies & gents, back from Bali, spa-ed & relaxed, dutifully reporting to fellow H-fans my Bali sig-H-tings. My loot is appetizer-sized, am holding out for Paris in November, must show DH how much restraint I have......:yahoo:
    P9010889.JPG P9010890.JPG P9010891.JPG P9020936.JPG P9020974.JPG
  2. Nice haul you have there! Thank you for sharing the pics!
  3. The details:
    3 KPs - one in Havane Evercalf PH, one in VA Lizard PH, one in Cocoan Croc PH
    1 Kelly 25 Potiron PH in what looked like swift sellier
    1 Kelly 28 Havane Evergrain PH souple
    1 Kelly 32 Brique VL PH Sellier
    1 Rouge Garrance Togo Hac 40(?) according to SA,( does it come in 40 or 42?)
    Some bolides, 1 vibrato plume, 1 paris bombay in the turquoise blue...after 4 kids, that's all I can remember....
  4. I can't believe I didn't go there when I was there in April!
  5. asa, Bali's not that far away :graucho:
  6. ^^yes, an excuse to go again!
  7. great haul!
  8. jen0575, the details of the bags were what I saw, not what I bought,
  9. my loot's only -
    Quitte Dou GH (to wear my bagless GH cadenas)
    H orange clic clac PH ( to match my 2 orange bags)
    Twilly ( for my JPG )
  10. Nice haul, Medusa - and great pix!! I love all the mini bags they had - little Kelly, KP, Berlingot, Bolide, Evelyne - gorgeous!!
  11. Thanks for naming the other bags Ninja Sue ! The little boy is my almost 4 year old DS who hopped out of bed every morning that we were there to feed the fish.
  12. I think some of the SG girls are on the next flight already!
  13. Gorgeous goodies!!! love your pictures and specially your DS:smile:
  14. LOL[vogue], that would be great, I haven't come across so many kellys at a store before...maybe because my store here is THE store that always has nothing... not even twillys...
  15. Thanks H & H!