1. I cannot believe what I am reading/seeing regarding the rectangle shaped bales on the Bluefly bags!! What I want to know is...if you call Balenciaga NY and ask them point-blank if squared-off bales automatically equal fake bag, will they say yes? In other words, how can Bluefly even dispute this if they are selling bags with squared bales?

    In any case, this is disgusting and scary and I am so glad my bales look good and I have never bought from Bluefly (and never will.)
  2. Thanks for letting us know! Bluefly buyers Beware!
  3. what are the bales supposed to look like? thanks!
  4. This was what I was asking it absolutely impossible for the bales to be squared and the bag still be authentic? Seems pretty cut-and-dried to me, so how could Bluefly look at their square bales and try to tell us the bags are real?
  5. I think they already are? :cry:
  6. There are no authentic bags that have square bales, they have always had rounded bales on the shoulder strap hardware -- even on the old classiques, they had different hardware, but the bales were still rounded.

    Beware though, this is not the only way to distinguish a fake - there were really good Italian counterfeiters that almost perfected the silver hardware bales, so you really have to look at the whole picture.
  7. I followed the link re: hardware and it was so informative. That info should be required reading for everyone on this board.
  8. I love that site. It's like the b bag bible.
  9. thanks for the info!
  10. well I posted this in another thread but I bought a bbag awhile back from bluefly and it was authentic. I don't know what happened and why they are selling fakes now.. luckily I got a real one. here is a pic of my bales. [​IMG]