Balenciage newbie w/many stupid questions....

  1. Hello all, as the posting title suggests, I'm totally new to B-bags. I'm considering getting one, but it seems I have a lot to learn! A friend on another forum helped me out with a list of places in the bay area that sell them, but I have a few other questions.

    First of all, from looking through the pics here, I think I want a city bag- is this a current style?

    What are the chances of having a good selection of colors? I want either black or something with some pop, preferably red or bright this something that I could reasonable expect to find without waiting for months?

    And finally, perhaps the dumbest question of much do these cost? I'm sure I could call up the store and ask but I'm a little embarassed to do so. I just want to know if its something in my price range (up to probably $1,000) or if I should look at other brands for my next purchase.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. atelier.naff will answer some of ur questions :yes:

    and welcome to b bag world
  3. seahorse.. is right, that is balenciaga's bible
  4. The city is a current style. Black is made every year so it shouldn't be to hard to find. A red was made f/w 06 and s/s 07, so it should be available too. The city costs around $1200, but you can probably find it a little cheaper on eBay - gently used. But BEWARE of fakes, you should post in the authenticate-thread before you buy anything! Good luck ;)
  5. If you prefer to buy a new one, you can contact the Balenciaga store in NY to see what they have in stock. The city is $1195 but they do not charge taxes or shipping : )
  6. Thanks for the info! I also noticed I spelled BALENCIAGA wrong in the title of my post, making me feel even more retarded... I know the right spelling, it was just a typo, I swear!
  7. Welcome to the bbag addiction!! And yes, I say addiction - because just wait until you have one... ;)

    I have spent many hours on ateliernaff, going over pictures, prices, comparisons, and it really is a fantastic resource!! Also, just looking through the authenticate this section, really helps you understand what to look for in an authentic bbag... Definately post there if you are looking on eBay as well.

    Check out the recent thread:

    The stock isn't going to be current, but you can see what styles and colors they have had at BalNY recently... They should have some additional Spring colors now, I believe... :smile:

    Oh... and by the way, I am a newbie too... I have amassed my three Bbag loves within the past month... :graucho: I told ya... they're addictive!
  8. lol wow....I'm afraid to buy one now, I have an entire new apartment to furnish. Though if you have great handbags, who needs a couch?
  9. haha...couldn't agree if only i could get hubby to agree:idea:

  10. Yeah ... if you buy enough of them, with all that squishy/distressed leather, you can lay on them INSTEAD of the couch :nuts: :yes: :greengrin: !!!
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Oh dear... if you only knew!! DH would rather I buy handbags then furniture, since they are less expensive!! (In the short run anyhow...)

    We just moved into a larger house and have TWO unfurnished rooms right now... I just haven't gotten around to going furniture shopping... I have been too busy on tPF!! LOL... oh geez, that sounds so sad. :push: