Balenciage ... courier style?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a Bbag courier on hold for me. Does anyone have this style and do you find it too big? I'm planning to buy one because the price is good. Any advice? TIA
  2. ^Thank you so much mlertpac!:flowers: That's the exact bag that I'm looking at ... it looks so good messenger style but I was just unsure on its size.
  3. You're welcome! I saw it irl, but I didn't try it on. I guess it fits just as much as the work (and a little more), but messenger style. Good for fitting loads of stuff and biking... or other hands free work.
  4. i'm only a petite 5'2 & i've got an origin courier bag that i adore :love:
  5. I am 5'4 and I love it as well! I have one in the rouille, which was my favorite this past collection.
  6. I love my courier! I am from the other side of the height range though
    5'10 1/2" It's a great big bag, holds lots and is very comfortable to carry especially if you need your hands to be free, I love mine :heart: :P
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies!:flowers:

    I went back today and bought it but now I'm having doubts about it. I keep trying it on and it just looks too big on me (I'm 5'2"). I really want to love it but I'm just ho-hum about it. I bought the courier in emerald green ... I really love the color!
  8. oh nooooooooooooooo, don't return your emerald courier :blink:'s one of the most gorgeous b-bag colors ever & the style is amazing...i wouldn't use it for everyday, but i imagine they're perfect for trips & stuff...i mean, of course, if you don't fall in :heart: with it in the next few days, exchange it...but i promise you, i don't think it looks too big on a girl our size ;)
  9. ^Thanks so much aaallabama! I'm going to sleep on it and see how I like it in the morning. Here's pics of the emerald courier (sorry for the bad pics of me wearing it ... DH wasn't around):
  10. I love the way it looks on you (not too big at all) not to mention the emerald is just gorgeous. I say keep it!
  11. sleep on it! its looks really good on you IMO! :flowers:
  12. Ohhh asl_bebes, you made me want the courier! I'm 5'1" that why I'm still debating it (does NM carry this style? I wanna try it on...). But it looks great on you!!!
  13. thats a very nice color and looks great on you !