Balenciaga's vital signs

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  1. Whats everyones thoughts on the balenciagas? Are they really over???
  2. Over? No way, IMO. Balenciaga's le dix motorcycle bags have been out for 5 years. They are a new classic just like the Spy and the Silverado and the Paddington will be. There was a recent article in one of the fashion magazines (I believe it was In Style) about bags that are good investment pieces. Balenciaga was one, along with the quilted Chanel and the Louis Vuitton speedy, etc.
  3. Ok thanks...I just bought a black sall Motorcycle Le Dix and then read on soe website that they are "so over" and i almost lost it!!! I think its a classic too. :smile:
  4. Dr. Lisa, I am so sorry - that has happened to me before and I know that panic feeling! But here is my take - if you like it then wear it. Screw people who call bags "over" - those people who are such slaves to trends just lack their own personal style. I wear my balenciagas all the time. And anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that they are a neo classic. I live in NYC and people wear Balenciagas all the time.
  5. ^^ I agree with FendiBagLady. If you dig the bag, then wear it with pride! The Balenciagas are relatively new in the world of must haves (I mean they have been there for a little while, but surely not as long as they have been around), and I don't really see them being out anytime soon. If so, you know you got a bag you love that is great quality!

    Oh yea, Welcome to the forum!! Let me know if you need any help or anything :idea:
  6. "Screw people who call bags "over" - those people who are such slaves to trends just lack their own personal style."

    So well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is vital not to be intimidated of what “other” persons say. Respect!
  7. Thanks Tintin - sorry for the language but I had to be blunt, LOL. To me,fashion is about wearing what you like, what you feel comfortable in, what works with your wardrobe and what flatters you and makes you feel good. People who make statements like "that is so out of style" or "that is so over" seem insecure and judgmental to me...If you stop wearing something you like because of someone else's judgment, then what is the point? Please yourself first and foremost!