balenciagas the lightest bags around??

  1. as all of you know, balenciagas as really light, and thats one of the reasons i loove them because i cant carry heavy bags. just wondering, are there other bags that are as light as balenciagas or are these the lightest? how do others compare?? :smile:
  2. My LV mono speedy 25 is actually the lightest bag I own. When empty, it weighs nothing.
  3. B-bags have kind of ruined other bags for me.
  4. agreed with LoriB .
    my speedy 25 is weight nothing!
  5. my balenciagas are the lightest, though yes the lv mono speedy is pretty light too when empty (but it's handheld while the b-bags can be worn on the shoulder).
  6. yeah, the handle on speedy kinda annoying sometimes.
    b-bags are the best
  7. bbags are the lightest of all my similarly sized bags :yes:
  8. yes! and WITH LEATHER.
    lv's light because it's canvas!
  9. yeppers, i think b-bags the lightest bags around & they've spoiled me too :yes:...i can't wear heavy bags either pinkbunny & the only other bag i've got that's just as light is my new fall '06 miu miu (calf soft frame bag) :tender:...i was totally shocked to find another leather bag that weighs the same amount!!!
  10. The medium Chloe Silverado is also a light bag and you can carry it on your shoulder.
  11. I Love my Balenciaga bags for so many reasons but one of the best things about them is they are SOOO light! Another bag that is a surprisingly light weight is the Spy.
  12. aaallabama... that Miu Miu is a great looking bag... very tempting!
  13. I was just gonna say lol - I have a speedy 30, and it's pretty light too! :girlsigh:
  14. Although my Bbags are truly the lightest the following bags are real light too!
    (1) Ferragamo Marissa bag
    (2) Gucci Jackie O bag
    (3) most Emilio Pucci bags
    (4) Fendi zucchino mama baguette
    (5) LV epi Jasmin
  15. Other light bags: Ferragamo Marissa, McQueen Novak-- I have two of each!