Balenciaga's Serial Numbers On Tags What Do They Mean?

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  1. I have heard many different opinions on what the numbers mean on the tags front and back inside Balenciaga bags. 3rd from left is the year. Large A means blue and so forth. If you know what they mean, could you let me know? Thanks!
  2. Yes, the atelier naff blog is really great. I use it every time I go to buy a b-bag. Saved me from buying a lot of fakes!
  3. ^^^:yes: LP's blog is the best reference guide to Bbags!!! Helped me and lots of other PFers learn all about Bbags!!

    OT-->pippop I love :heart: your bag in your avatar!!! What color is it??
  4. I agree! LP's blog is very interesting- it should help you a lot!
  5. Thank you all...once again you have steered me in the right direction. The blog suggested is an eyeopener!
  6. Thanks Redney, it's Anis!