Balenciaga's on sale @ Mix

  1. I just got back from Mix Modern Clothes which is the only boutique in Houston that sells Balenciaga. They had some balenciaga bags on sale for 50% off. I picked up another magenta box and a teal mini twiggy. I got the magenta box because awhile back I had applied apple conditioner to my box and it had darkened a bit so I wanted to compare the two to see which I liked better. Anyways they still had a few balenciagas left if anyone is interested.

    Here's what I saw for 50% off:

    -denim classique
    -denim hobo
    -pale pink hook
    -another hook bag (can't remember the color because I was too excited about the motorcycle bags at the time, but I think it was a dark color like black or ink)
  2. Congrats Chloe! Sounds like you bought the best of the bunch!!! Those are 2 great colors- glad you found them!!!
  3. wow a magenta box and a teal mini twiggy for half off? great scores girl!!!!!!!!
  4. Thx but too bad they are already closed :crybaby:
  5. Did you see the "blue" City that they had? I actually talked to that store...she said it was navy?
  6. Oh, and congrats on your great deals!
  7. Thanks Zac and Mimi!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw that those two were 50% off especially because when I called them they said that NO MOTORCYCLE bags were on sale. I think I'm still in a daze about it too because I accidentally locked my DH out of the house twice already because I was daydreaming about the bags.
  8. Yeah they close early like 530pm. You can try calling them tomorrow they may still have it becuase I was when they were about to close. Let me know if you need their number. :flowers:
  9. congrats chloe! so great when someone finds a great deal. i love teal and the mini-twiggy is a really cute style.
  10. Thanks Glimmer! No I didn't see any blue city on sale, I think that the mini twiggy I got said "navy" on the tag. Maybe they were talking about that one. I also asked them if they had sold any other bags marked down 50% and the european/latin(?) guy there said hadn't sold any yet.
  11. Oh sorry, the bag I was talking about wasn't on sale...or she didn't mention it anyway. I specifically asked what City bags she had. My sister lives there so I'm going to ask her to stop in to inspect!

    I've never seen a mini Twiggy. That sounds so cute! Pics?
  12. Thanks Chigirl! I think it's really cute too!

    Glimmer I know I saw 2 blueberry b bags and I know 1 of them was a purse, but I can't remember what the other one was. It might have been a city. Yes, I'll definitely post pics of the mini twig later.
  13. Were there any other mini twiggys on sale, chloe?
  14. The only mini twiggy I saw was the teal one.
  15. Congrats chloe!! Did they have any of the box style left??