Balenciagas on Sale at NM in Tysons!!!

  1. Mostly Hobos in horsehair but they also had a huge selection of Spring 2007 bags including the giant hardware...Blech...IMO.
  2. Ozzy, you and i should meet up there one day ;) I go there all the time.:p
  3. ^^That would be totally fun!! I've been wondering about organizing a DC Pf'er luncheon. Wouldn't that be fun???
  4. I'd be up for that too!
  5. count me in! I don't see many bbag addicts around me in life...would love to meet everyone in the Northern Virginia area that's on this forum!
  6. Agreed -- I never see anyone else with a bbag unless traveling
  7. ^^We should totally do it then. We could meet up and do "lunch" at Neimans in Tysons II or in the Chevy Chase area, bring our favorite bbag or other accessory (I must admit, I have been carrying my Hermes Kelly bag nonstop since I got it a month ago...but I still love my 2003 Caramel City...)
  8. Hi gals, I'm a DC PFer too. I got hooked this fall, and I'm up to 4 bbags and a boobie. Anyhow, I'd love to meet you all!;)
  9. Yayyyyy i started another party again. :yahoo: I can't help it i just love parties. Lets do it girls. :party: I am ready to show off my Bbags.:wlae:
  10. How should we go about planning this? I could only do a Saturday because of work. Or an evening after work.
  11. Cool, a bbag party. I can do Saturday, 1/13 or 1/27. What about you all? Happy New Year!
  12. All, count me in too :yes: