Balenciagas on Bluefly

  1. In case you are interested, there are a few Balenciaga items on Bluefly this morning. I think they have one small handbag, a few coin purses, and a cosmetic case. Act fast, they tend to go quick.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! They now only have the coin purses. I'm waiting for their B-bags to pop up.
  3. pistachio, magenta, ice blue and metallic rose coin purses right now...
  4. ^ are you serious! there was pistachio!?
  5. My thoughts exactly!!! I would love one to match my pistachio first...:sad2:
  6. does anyone have a picture of the pistachio?
  7. I just saw a pistachio (they called it "mint") ghost on bluefly!!! How is this possible?? I thougth the ghost was a new style, and the pistachio is from 2004! Are we sure bluefly is always authentic? Please explain!
  8. I couldn't find any of them :sad:
  9. Oh no I missed it again!
  10. it said "mint green" for pistachio- looked good to me... they were $236

    all gone now
  11. Ya, they labeled it as "mint" color for the ghost style.
  12. booooooo! i would have had a heart attack if I came across those on bluefly!
  13. I just don't understand how there could be a ghost in I wrong about the ghost being a new style?
  14. ^No, you are not was new for last season. I can't imagine which color they would label as mint, though....
  15. Do you know how many times I check BLUEFLY in a single day ... and I NEVER see any Balenciaga?!?!?!? This is driving me mad ...
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