Balenciaga's new leather

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  1. So I heard that Balenciaga changed their leather manufacturer and now the leather on the recent B-bags are not as high quality as the original B-bags? Does anyone know which season they have the "bad" leather so I can avoid buying the bag in that season? And how aweful is this leather? And whether Balenciaga will go back to the original leather? Thx.
  2. i've heard that starting with F/W 05, the leather is not as good, but since i have little real-life Bbag experience, i'd wait for the opinion of FendiBagLady or CeeJay, they know their Balenciaga.
  3. Yeah, I just got my medium Balenciaga Black Motorcycle bag from the NY boutique and I was surprised how different the leather is from prior seasons. Not happy with it at all. Wish I never bought it.
  4. What's the difference between the old leather and the new leather?
  5. less structured, a lot more "cracked", smells different, etc.
  6. my pewter one, the leather is super soft, not very cracked, but this is the only one i have, so i have nothing to compare it to, and it is from fall 05...
  7. I'm also concerned with the leather on the B-bag because I'm starting to suspect the little B-bag (from 2004) that I just got from is a fake. So I decided to return it tomorrow and apply that money towards a B-bag motorcycle or a paddy after the holiday. I'm never going to buy cheap stuff online, unless it's at the actual outlet store. :suspiciou
  8. I believe that Balenciaga changed their leather manufacturer starting with the 2005 Spring/Summer line.

    Prior to that, the leather on their bags was superb ... the leather wasn't shiny or waxy, it was soft and buttery. The distressing was done so that it just looked like the bag had been lovingly used, not 'worn out' at the edges or anything like that.

    The leather on the new bags is stiffer, shinier and in some cases, has a waxy finish. The distressing is more of a crackling versus a subtle worn look.

    From what I've heard, so many people have complained to Balenciaga about the leather from the past seasons, that they are looking into going back to the original manufacturer. I certainly hope so.

    When I return home after the Christmas holidays, I'm going to take some pictures of some of my older B-Bags and the new one so that everyone can see the difference (believe me ... you will be able to see it).

    I think that is why you might be finding more B-Bags than before ... people simply didn't want to part with the bucks for the newer bags.
    (The pony bags are flying out the door though!).
  9. I've always thought that Ashford was pretty reputable. Hmm, I may have to think again about ordering from them.
  10. they are, they don't sell fakes
  11. I've been wanting a motorcycle bag for awhile now and just ordered one that I was told will be shipped next week. I hope I'm not disappointed. I've really liked the pictures of these bags I've seen from previous seasons. The bag they are shipping me from the New York store is from the Spring 2006 line. I'll let you know about it when I receive it
  12. Please do Kat. :biggrin:
  13. Irissy, I just got back from the Balenciaga store here in New York. They actually had a motorcycle bag (medium) in cornflower blue waiting for me. It is really beautiful! I am very happy with it. Because this is my first Balenciaga, I don't know what to compare it to as far as the leather used in previous seasons. It does have a lot of "crackle" and it is "slouchy" but that's what I like about it. The shade of blue is gorgeous. My husband was with me and he also took me to the Chanel store on Spring Street. He bought me a classic flap bag in black and a new bag they have now which I never saw before which is called "small tote bag" in a gold metalic. I really hit the lottery today! Once I learn how to post pictures I'll let ya see these beauties.
  14. balenciaga bags are not worth over $1000.
  15. WOW Kat!! :nuts: Nice hubbie you got there... you really did hit the jackpot! ::jealous:: Will be looking forward to your pictures of both the B-bag and Chanel. :amuse: