Balenciagas in "The Devil Wears Prada"

  1. I got this film for Xmas and just around to watching at home tonight. I saw 2 Balenciaga bags in it!!

    A HUGE brown MATELASSE and a Silver/pewter city!

    *Squeeee* :p :nuts:
  2. Mocean, I've also spotted a greige (or calcaire), dunno which style, when Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci are drinking champagne near a table...
  3. How did I miss the Matelasse???? I noticed the Pewter First, it looked quite lovely on the big screen. :yes:

    Frau, I think that was the scene with her Pewter First. Wasn't it?
  4. I saw the Pewter too. All the bags in that movie were gorgeous. I tried to identify all the bags Meryl Streep threw down with her coat everyday, but it went too fast!!
  5. I saw the movie quite awhile ago, but somehow missed the Bbags. If I see it again, I'll look more closely.
  6. I just bought that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. wasn't there a black city too?
  8. These was also a yummy chocolate Work or Weekender in one of the deleted scenes (elevator scene).
  9. there is a brief in the opening shot of the models getting dressed and going to work...
  10. There is also a dark red Shopping carried in the opening credits by a girl walking down the street, but you have to look fast to catch it.
  11. I just saw this movie last night! I saw two: the one by the table when they're drinking champagne (didn't know it was pewter, but it's definitely a city style), and one at the beginning of someone walking through that busy office building. That one looked like a large style (possible a weekender?). Forget the color, it went by so fast. I could tell by the handles.
  12. I saw the movie and I've only spotted one, the pewter city. I need to watch this movie again, it's peeking my curiosity. :p
  13. Love this movie! I thought the one in the champagne scene was lilac? :shrugs: Regardless, it's *gorgeous*! I also remember seeing a black city in one of the building's lobby scenes :love:

    ETA: I kept waiting for Meryl Streep to throw a Balenciaga with her coat on Anne Hathaway's desk, too!
  14. I saw Balenciaga too, but I only saw it in the scene where he tells her that he's going to work with James Holt. Where were the other Balenciagas? How obsessed am I with bags...I'm about to pull that movie out just to look.:shame: :lol:
  15. Oh that was a shopping.. I thought it was a brief, but shopping makes sense!