Balenciagas in Las Vegas?

  1. Does anyone know of a store in Las Vegas that carries Balenciaga?

  2. Shasta shops at NM in Vegas, IIRC.
  3. Yup- Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall at the end of the Strip has an okay selection. Nothing spectacular though.
  4. True story, I have advertised many times for the Las Vegas NM. I think that is the only place there or just the only one I found there.
  5. I was in Vegas again this past weekend, and that NM is the only place I have found them as well.
  6. Talulah G used to carry bbags, and told me in Feb, they would start again later in the year, but I left LV in late Feb and never followed up...just thought I'd mention it (one of their branches is in the Fashion Show Mall where NM is located too).