BALENCIAGA'S FALL 2008 Accessories Lineup...

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  1. Here are some of Balenciaga's drool-worthy accessories for the upcoming Fall 2008 season


    Leather and stingray Cherche-Midi handbag

    Satin and cabochon Cherche-Midi handbag

    Crocodile Cherche-Midi handbag

    Leather, suede, and stingray Cherche-Midi clutch

    Douppion clutch

    Suede evening pouch

    Arena Classic handbag

    Trench and leather Lune handbag
  2. SHOES…

    Patent and mirrored leather Escarpins sandal

    Patent leather T-strap platform sandal

    Patent and mirrored leather Escarpins bootie


    Crystal Maillon Double bracelet

    Crystal Rivière necklace

    Crystal Oursin brooch

    Hope you enjoy them!

    Photos from
  3. ICB : thanks for posting this as always! Wow, i'm eyein the white flat hobo....hehe
  4. OO, I love the jewellery, especially the necklace. Thanks for posting incoralblue!
  5. Thanks, ICB! I always love your posts! Some beautiful, very luxurious looking pieces.
  6. Thanks for posting! I am so absolutely in :heart: with the croc cherche midi, the stingray clutch and the arena classic! :drool:

  7. gorgeous pix ~ thankx for sharing :flowers:
  8. Thanks for posting! The T-Strap platform also comes in a flat version with ankle straps, and they are TDF!
  9. Wow, great to see the Bersace in a RH version!
  10. Oh, I love the shoes and the jewellry!!!! Thanks for sharing with us, very kind of you!

  11. Thanks ICB...I miss your informative threads xo
  12. OMG!! I'm all over this Flat Hobo! Do you know how much the retail cost will be and what colors will be available? Thanks so much for posting, incoralblue!!:tup:

  13. omg i NEED those shoes :nuts::drool::heart:
  14. thanks for posting. loving the white hobo :heart:
  15. I'm quite excited about the flat hobo being re-released with RH! :yahoo:Thanks for the info, ICB :flowers: