Balenciaga's a FAKE! How do I get my money back?

  1. So, I bought this balenciaga bag from eBay which the ladies at the purse forum said it's fake!!! I can't stand it - I've bought 8 so far and only one has actually been authentic. I paid with paypal but haven't received it yet; should be getting it any day. Should I just not accept it at the post office and have it sent back? How do I go about getting my money back??? HELP!!!
  2. I think that you should wait for the bag to arrive and then file a dispute with Paypal and eBay for a SNAD (Item Significantly Not as Described). At that point it should be them (PP and Ebay) to tell you what to do. Probably send the bag back with conf. of delivery or so. I hope others can help you out in this. I'm not sure about the steps to take because I never had to do this, or, better, when I had a similar issue I worked out a solution with the seller but without opening a dispute... good luck!
  3. Thanks for your reply. I'll wait to get it and hope we can solve it amicably. I emailed before end of auction and asked whether it was surely an authentic balenciaga and she said absolutely. Thanks!!!
  4. One more tip: even if the seller asks for the bag back, do NOT send it back until or unless eBay/PP tells you to do so. Sometimes you have to send it to them or destroy it.

    If eBay/PP doesn't side with you, you'll have to file a chargeback through your CC. But don't do this until after PP has completed its investigation. They get pretty pissy if you go around them.
  5. Hey...not really right not to receive the bag without seeing it with your own eyes. If you paid by Paypal you are always fully protected and the seller cannot leave you bad feedback so you have nothing to loose. There are several sellers on ebay I can reccomend for selling the real deal so PM if you want their details.
  6. If you have bought 8 bags on ebay and only one has been authentic, I really really really urge you to make more use of the Authenticate This threads in the respective designer sections. Every seller is going to tell you that the bag is authentic, that is what they do, they are trying to scam you out of money.

    As soon as you receive the bag, file a claim (SNAD like another tPFer suggested) and escalate it so they seller knows you mean business. If the claim is found in your favor, they will most likely ask you to destroy the bag (good riddance to a fake bag). If the scammer is a seasoned one, she may have already transferred the money out of their paypal account and you may be stuck.

    Seriously, ebay is shark infested waters if you can't tell what's authentic. So if you can't, ask on the forum, no one here wants you to buy a fake bag. Some sellers do, and they will lie up and down to you and it's your hard earned money. I hope this is resolved for you.
  7. Hey guys, I really want to thank you for all your feedback. I wish I knew about Authenticate sooner... it would've saved a lot of my hard earned money... and believe me, being an American in Greece, the salary I make doesn't cover a balenciaga bag so I've been saving and saving only to end up buying 7 fake ones!