Balenciaga - Your opinion?

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  1. Hi there,
    This is my first post on The Purse Forum.

    What do you think of this Balenciaga City bag?? Hot, nice, bad or fake?
    :tup: or :tdown:?
    bal1.JPG bal2.JPG bal3.JPG bal4.JPG
  2. Hi Julie!! Welcome to tPF!! :welcome:

    Unfornuately, the Balenciaga area is closed for maintenance - I believe that the mods are moving things around to streamline things & put together the shopping area - so you may not get any response until the "Authenticate This! Balenciaga" thread is open over there. Also, I'm not sure what threads they are leaving open or closing in this area, because I think I've come across a few of both...

    Anyhow... Looks like 07 natural, yes? I would get a clear picture of front AND back of the tag inside. Also, additional pictures that would be helpful once the authentication area is up & going: a pic of the handle folded down, of the "rivet area", the part where the handle is connected to the bag, and a straight forward view of the bales on the shoulder straps. All of these things will help the authenticators out. Feel free to PM me with any questions!

    Good luck in your search for a bbag!! They are gorgeous!! And welcome again to the Purse Forum! :tup:
  3. Could be real, could be a good fake. You have to show closeups of the shoulder strap hardware, the hardware on the bag (including the backside of the handles) and front and back of the inner tag in order for us to make a determination. You'll have to wait until the Balenciaga forum is back up and you can post your question & photos to the "Authenticate This! Balenciaga!" thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.