Balenciaga Yellow Croc

  1. Hi everyone!! I just saw this yellow croc on one of the threads here. This is beautiful!! May I know if this is for F/W collection of 2007? and If you have any idea of the price and other colors available? I love this Croc? Thanks!!:tup:
  2. That photo comes from the Balenciaga Website. It it is amongst bags that are F/W 2007 but I know no more about it.
  3. I'm sure the bag is a FORTUNE!!!!!!!!!
  4. the last time i checked, they were at least $13-15 thousand pounds. lol i think it might have gone up too. ;)
  5. I can't exactly recall the prices but I remember trying them on last fall. The price then was roughly $24500 for the weekender.

    Gorgeous, I want this!

  6. I'm assuming the above is not a typo, and it's 5 figures? :wtf:
  7. :pYup, $24500....if not $28,000 US (but it's up there)
  8. Ouch! :shocked: Unless I can drive around in it, DH would kill me :bagslap:! I think I need to go buy some lottery tickets ASAP - that is a gorgeous bag!
  9. OMG!!!! way....way..up there??? It's really BEAUTIFUL!!!!:drool:
  10. they also offer the first, city and work in the croc, if you want a smaller size...
    not sure of the price of the first (they have one at maxfield in l.a.), but the city is $14,500 and the work was $17,500...
    aloha rag had croc cities in black and camel, but i would call them to check current stock...
    the hardware on croc bags is silver...
  11. Croc bags are expensive – this is relatively cheap compared to an Hermes croc, considering the amount of skin in the weekender.
  12. I saw a black croc yesterday at the Barney's in Beverly Hills (I think it was a city -- wasn't paying close attention). Didn't get a was locked behind glass!
  13. well, I love the color, but I cant stand anything reptilian, alive or dead. And I certainly couldnt bring myself to carry it either.

    Anything made with croc and python skins will be harder to get next year since most states will be banning their entry and sales of these items. Better get them now!

  14. Think it would fit my pillow and blaket? Oh, and ME?? :roflmfao:
  15. I asked my SA at BalNY for a price of YellowWork Croc and she quoted me $25K for the Weekender Croc at Bal website.

    Jaune is so yummy for a croc...if you will compare it with H kelly 32 or birkin 30 got more croc with the weekender!:p