BALENCIAGA Yellow 2008 Bouton D'or City

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  2. Beautiful fun summer color! Congrats!
  3. BabyBlue...I honestly wasn't into that color at all until I saw you modeling with it. You look fabulous and you carry the bag off very, very well. Perfect! It wouldn't work for me, but it will be fun seeing those of you wear it who can! Congrats!

    Shasta: I think you could pull off any bag you chose.;)
  4. It's gorgeous!! Sorry to hear that you're not a fan of its leather though, maybe some moisturiser will help. And your ring!! :love:
  5. I love it! Congrats on your new finds! That yellow is amazing! I so want anything in that yellow!
  6. Fantastic comparison pics. This is such a wonderful colour. You HAVE to love it. It is so freaking unique!!!
  7. Beautiful, congrats
  8. babyblue- Your bag looks fantastic on you! And this isn't just because it's an awesome bag (though i obviously think it is, i have one too!), you're a very pretty girl :O) Try not to be so hard on yourself:heart:
  9. Oh dear, i'm amazed by the new 08 yellow bbag, it's really pretty....congrats!!
  10. love them! :tup:
  11. Aww....everyone, I can definitely feel the love here. You guys are amazing as always.....and thank you for being so supportive. If leave me to my own device....I would of lose this bag already because of my indecisive self. I can't see what others are seeing :sad:

    KDC - Did I spot one on your pic as well :smile:
    Celia - Have you see the '08 red? The new colors got me dizzy...
    Sammy - You sure know how to make a girl feel good....Yikes, we can be twin. Though I give anything to get your exotic curly hair.....definitely has the vibe to carry off Balenciaga than me for sure.
    MS+Cleo - It actually a lot easier to carry off than I expected. I think the eyes just get use to it or something. Thank you sis!!!
    Antubella - You must adopt me =) I really appreciate everything you said....Thank you for being extra sweet...Might be all I got left with my spending habits!!!
    Peppy - It soak tons of conditioner and i think it look very nice now. I have a feeling that it will break in faster and if any luck will be lots of distressed than others I have. The color is amazing after the conditioner....not as shiny but very cheery still....

    Thanks you girl!!!