BALENCIAGA Yellow 2008 Bouton D'or City

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  1. It is so cute and summer, congrats!
  2. Thank you so very much you girls. I know that when in doubts, this is the place to go.....I will definitely keep it since all my girlfriends are going crazy when they see it. When I ordered it, everyone thought I was mad and they keep talking me out of it....I'm so happy you girls support my madness of course. And thank you for the kind words....I seen many gorgeous girls with photo of their bags on this board so in the past, I always chop my head out of the photo so I won't scare anyone :smile: I think I pull a Britney's on one of the photo but my dress is not short at all....I kinda sat on it wrong...since my auto feature give me only 3 secs to pose. Thanks again everyone.... Now if I can find an 05 red, I would be super happy....
  3. Beautiful! I saw it in Neimans last weekend and it's very cheerful! Congrats!
  4. Shasta - My friend is blond and it definitely look better on her since it won't stand out as much like my hair. You will rock it if you decide to get it. I compliment light hair alot better.....since it will look warmer. Luvhandbag - I think you just being sweet :smile: The bag definitely make me look better so I keep donating money away for all these pretty things....I sure can't do shoes and bags are the only way I can look semi decent. Did you have this one or the Jaune?
  5. babyblue- stop being so hard on yourself! You are GORGEOUS!!!!! I mean that from the bottom of my heart!
  6. Shasta - You're such a sweetie. Even if it's not true, you made my day!!! I got both but then I really think RH is better so I return the GH. The bag itself already bright and bold and with all that hardwares...but honestly I would of do both if I have the fund. I hope that help and please take lots of pics.
  7. Love the photos, you take such great ones of the bag! Thanks for sharing! Bouton is a really bright colour, not everyone can rock it but you sure do. With the leather - I think my Sahara Work is similar, it kinda looks bit dry and crackly but when you touch it it's not.
  8. Lovely photos. *sigh* I am really falling for this colour.:girlsigh:
  9. I love this with your ring, just beautiful!
  10. Great modeling pics baby blue! I'm really starting to love the yellow! ps I have to ask, is that dress h&m by any chance?!?
  11. Um, yeah . . . the bag is gorgeous, but let's talk about that ring! Gorgeous yellow sapphire. The jaune is also gorgeous. I saw bouton d'or in person last weekend, and the color was great. The leather was just like your bag, though.

    ETA: Oh my gosh, I just saw your modeling pics. You are gorgeous. I think that BD city looks AMAZING on you. I just love it. I agree with those you said the contrast with your features is stunning. :love:
  12. Jo-ee, your ID is so cute :smile: I'm glad I'm not the only one experience this. I thought I'm nuts and being picky. Did you able to find something to help with the dryness? One of my friend has the same problem but with the blue color and she use Coach conditioner and it look great but she said you have to really carry it for like couple week to get it to look nicer and softer.

    English girl - Do it girl!!! I wasn't really big fan either but it grow on me and it actually pretty easy to carry. I mean even the guys stop me and said cute.....or, a great way to carry the sun :smile: It's yellow so it's easier but try to find one that doesn't have lots of green undertone....The GH I return is a lot greener than this one.

    Susan - thank you thank you thank you....It's so funny but I started to like yellow after I got that ring. Bf bought it and you should see his face...he looks like a baby that did something wrong. He keep apologize that he couldn't get the canary diamond but he hope sapphire I will like.

    Boslvuton - Thank you much =P It's from Vince. I bought it at Bloomies during their crazy Xmas sale....jOIE and H&M have very similar one and I have H&M one in grey color that I actually like better because it's cotton sweater. This Vince one is cashmeer so it sheds so bad and it huggie :smile:
  13. Oh... *babyblue* it's perfect for you,with your skin...Gorgeous :love:!! CONGRATS :woohoo:!!!!!!!!
  14. I think the bag was just made for you! You both look lovely..

  15. Antubella - Awe, thank you for being so I just have to convince my friends you guys actually think I'm decent enough for the bag....sound like I'm fishing for compliment isn't it :smile: Thank you.

    lovelygarments - Sis, thank you...coming from you, it actually even more meaningful. I almost have a heart attack seeing your collections. You made Balenciaga store look bad...eheheh. I mean I heard rumors but now I actually see it. So you're THE Balenciaga goddess. Now I can just show this to anyone that think I'm crazy for buying bags the rate I'm going....and you arranged them perfectly. Thank you so much for making a girl's day!!!!
    can't wait to see more.....