BALENCIAGA Yellow 2008 Bouton D'or City

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  1. Lovely! I like how it matches your ring, congrats!! :tup:
  2. Congrats!!! I love your Bouton D'or! The color is so gorgeous!
    And i understand what you mean about the leather looking dry but feeling smooth to the touch. Its the same as the 1 i saw at Bal SG.
  3. Thank you everyone!!!

    I need helps....actually, I'm not sure what I need help with but all the opinions really help. I actually wish I didn't let go of my Jaune Twiggy...the color is definitely warmer with orange undertone and black-ish overtone. The black shadow overtone actually the reason why I gave it up. It's like a dirty sunflower color, at least mine was but the leather on that one I have was precious :sad: They are so different even they are in the same color family :sad: I try to compare with any true yellow object I can find...LOL. I hope this help everyone that waiting or thinking of getting one. I read and hear so much and even when I got it, still hard to decide. I always go with Day or Twiggy style so this is my second City and I think the style suit the color really really well

    Thank you very much for helping me keeping it :smile:
  4. Love The Color!!!!! Love Love Love!!!!!
  5. I will take photo modeling it once the sun come out :smile:
    Although City look very funny on me....hehehe
  6. omg! that color is beautiful
  7. I love this! I can't wait to see your modeling pic! I am on the fence if I should get this or not!
  8. Thanks for posting great pics. I'm still not sure this color will work for me, but I'm sure your beautiful ring will. :P LOVE your ring~
  9. Gorgeous.. and that's not a bad ring either ! :graucho:

    Congrats !
  10. Simply stunning!!! I drool over your ring.......I´m a real sucker for diamonds etc.........that couldn´t possibly be a canary yellow one could it;)?

  11. lovely64 - thanks sis....Actually, it just yellow sapphire....I wish its canary diamond with that intense yellow. The 2nd piece of my necklace charm is all I can afford in yellow diamond....Otherwise, would be broke before I can afford any Balenciaga....
  12. You and your bags are so beautiful! I love them! Thanks for the outdoor pic, I don't know if I can carry it off w/ my blonde hair. I think it looks so good w/ dark hair!
  13. from these pics....i am starting to love this yellow!
  14. You are one gorgeous girl! You are so beautiful you can pull anything off....yellow, bubblegum, any color!! I think the city looks great on you. I have the yellow and know it won't look nearly so good on me. Wear it and enjoy!!!