BALENCIAGA Yellow 2008 Bouton D'or City

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  1. I'm sorry but I can't seemed to attach or control the format of my text. Please disregard this post as I can't delete it. Thank you.
  2. This yellow is more yellow in real life compare to all Balenciaga yellow. In most case, it actually look like a true yellow but because it's light, it gives out that neon feel. I think with use and if under the sun, it might even warm the tone a little contrary to what I thought it would be under the sun. It has slight hint of lime green....definitely has green but depend on the angle you look at it, it could be a pure yellow. Remember the old 2004-2005 acid yellow? This one is more yellow than that one, not acidic. And indoor, the yellow is nice. It's not as hard....kinda like how bright the old Pistachio color look. I'm taking photo both inside and's 6pm here so outdoor with no sun. Color is extremely hard to describe and photo graph but I think it will manifest into the color of your outfit. Definitely will blind someone if you wear black with this. I was wearing a light brown-orange sweater and it didn't stand out that much. It look like that new Kooba yellow that featured in Nordy's catalog. Oh I know, it look like the *pineapple* yellow, not quite canary!!! It catch the light when you point the camera at it so most photo look even brighter. But you can see the different between the shade and my sapphire ring and my canary yellow necklace charm... As for the leather, I'm a bit disappointed with the leather.... It has odd leather, very dry and it feel smooth but look dry. It feel like it will get scuffed easily because it's too dry. I wonder if I soak leather conditioner, it will helps. Compare to my Bubblegum '08 which suppose to be the same year, it's not as good. My BB pink is much thicker, smooth but distressed and both are Agneau. I think they try to get it look more like the texture of the Chevre so it feel so dry when you touch the leather....not the usual softness of Balenciaga trademark feel I don't think. But it might help aging/distress faster but it definitely need conditioner....Otherwise, it look stiffed and almost fake-like. It seriously need broken in. Any feedback is hugely appreciated I have no idea how I feel about it and I never have this feeling with any Balenciaga I bought before....quite a few :smile: Thank you much
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. wow, they are gorgeous! Congrats!!
  5. Thanks so much Dryad....and thanks for posting the photo for me. The site is super slow on my end and my format was perfect but as soon as I hit submit... everything cramped into the same paragraph :sad:
  6. You are welcome! This yellow is really eye-catching!!! I love your ring too, they are perfect match!:P
  7. wow this looks lovely! Any modeling pics!?
  8. Wow! What fabulous colours. I bet the leather on the City mellows beautifully with time and I really love the colour. You've got some great bags there! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful bags!
  10. Beautiful!!! as well as your ring!!! i want a city in gsh...
  11. I love the Bouton D'or...I just purchased it and should be receiving it next week!!! :yahoo:
  12. So gorgeous!! Love, love, love the yellow!!
  13. i love the bouton d'or, im getting it in first!!!
  14. So pretty, congratulations! I love your ring too! :love:
  15. You are right that is a hard color to describe and even harder to capture on "film". It is definitely a stand out color. Good luck moisturizing it. I do like it especially in the rh. Enjoy and thanks for all of the detailed info.