Balenciaga Yellow '08 bag in January Elle

  1. I don't know if this was the pic that was already shown, but my Jan Elle came today and I have to post this just in case it isn't a repeat.

    Here is the new amazing yellow for s/s '08 I cannot wait!

  2. Yup it was posted already Possible Pic of S/s08 Yellow in Elle but good looking out for your fellow tPfers! A working machine constantly on the look out for all new bal info, it's awesome! :tup
  3. more yellow eye candy. thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for posting...
    Does anyone know what bag that is above the yellow and black one?
  5. It's Marc Jacobs! Cool, isn't it? That is pretty risque for Mr. Marc.
  6. Thanks for posting this; I'm also a fan of the 08 yellow and the moon bag is to die for!
  7. It is cool. Does it say where you can purchase it?
    Sorry, I know this is the Balenciaga forum, but I'm just curious...
  8. Doesn't the moon bag usually come in colors that are slightly different from the motorcycle bag colors? That yellow doesn't look as fluorescent and greenish as other pics I've seen...
  9. I love the 2008 yellow. I'll be sure to get something in this color. Hopefully not everything will be sold out at once.
  10. It has a chain strap and the description says "Patent leather patchwork bag, Marc Jacobs, $1,395, call 212 343 0222"

    I wish you well,

  11. Thanks, Bridget!