Balenciaga x Chloé

  1. Which one should I buy - City or Paddington?
  2. City!
  3. I think we'll all say Balenciaga!!! For obvious reasons!:lol:
  4. City...unless you need to use that Paddington lock as a weapon. :Push:
  5. Both! I have a paddy and love it! It is much heavier than a b-bag but I still think it's a great bag.
  6. Definately go with the City. I have both and because the City is wayyyy lighter I wear it more.
  7. City
  8. i'm not even a city fan, but i'd definitely go with the city!
  9. Both!! I have them both and my paddy is one of the few bags who weren't victims of my selling to afford new B-bags. They're totally different but I love them both even I wear my B-bags more.
  10. i'm not a paddy fans... but getting tempted since now they're having discounts anywhere.
    but i would say city :yahoo:
    u're not on the neutral zone, girl :P
  11. lol~~both^^!!!!!
  12. city... absolutely
  13. I have both. You definetely need both, they are awsome!!
  14. City all the way!
  15. City!!! woop woop!!!